Week 8: John Carey, Patrick Rhone, Joseph Linaschke

John Carey's One Year video

John is the photographer behind 50 Foot Shadows. A few days ago, he published a video with all the photographs he took in 2013. And he does mean all. Here's how he explains it:

In the process of finding nice enough photos of my life to share there were plenty that did not make the cut. Piles of photos that theoretically would never be seen by much of anyone at all unless you happened to be looking over my shoulder as I scroll though my Aperture libraries.

The thought crossed my mind toward the end of the first year of the project that maybe some of you would be interested in seeing the uncut version of my photographic output from 2013 so this is exactly what I have prepared in the most chaotic way possible, at 24 frames a second in a quasi stop motion video.

The video includes 8,212 frames and looks great. It gives you a glimpse into his thinking process when he's behind the camera. It's also a great way to look back on a year of memories.

John is a talented photographer. Last year he created a new site called Yesterday was only where he shares photographs every day. I took inspiration from him to start posting a photo a day of my own.

Patrick Rhone's new book

Patrick published his new book titled Some Thoughts About Writing. He calls it a "collection of back pocket wisdom for those who wish to be successful writers". If this sound interesting, head over to his website and check out the preview with some excerpts from the book. Patrick is the man behind Minimal Mac amongst other things.

I just purchased it (it's only US$5) and I'm looking forward to reading it.

Aperture Expert Live Training News

You can now get the Live training series as a bundle for only US$30. It includes all 25 sessions. It's good value and a great way to learn Aperture. Even if you're already familiar with it you will learn a few new things. I finally understood Aperture's Places and geotagging in Aperture through session 17, which is all about Places.

Some of the videos were recorded with versions 3.0 to 3.2 of Aperture, and the interface changed a bit with version 3.3, so Joseph is also planning on starting the series again soon.