Week 50: iOS icons, Aperture shortcuts, and an OmniFocus tip

iOS App icons compared

There's a site, called After iOS 7 icons, that shows how app icons changed from iOS 6 to iOS 7 to follow the new, flattened look of Apple's latest mobile operating system.

Some changes are pretty dramatic. For example, those whose iOS 6 icons were big on 3D effects or highly skeuomorphic (man, I hate that word). However, the ones I found the most interesting are the ones that made subtle design changes and acheived a very differen look. Day One and Lift are good examples.

Aperture Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

The guys at Dashkards have a great cheat sheet with many, if not all, of Aperture's keyboard shortcuts. It's a great resource to have around. The more shortcuts you know, the faster you'll speed through your photographs. I printed it a long time ago and pinned it to the wall next to my desk. Get the Dashkards cheat sheet here.

A few options to manage OmniFocus Someday/Maybe tasks

Kourosh Dini, author of Creating Flow with OmniFocus, shared a few options to manage Someday/Maybe tasks in OmniFocus. If you've ever struggled with this (and I bet everyone that uses OmniFocus does), you should read his solutions.

I used something similar to his Solution 1 at one point. I had a task called Someday/Maybe that was always on hold so it didn't appear when I was in work mode. However, I ended up dumping so much stuff in there that it became noise that I never wanted to look at.

Today, I like to use OmniFocus and Evernote together for this. I keep loose ideas for projects in a note in Evernote and I have a task in OmniFocus to review it once a month with a link to it. It works well for me and keeps OmniFocus for only stuff that I do have to do.