Week 50: iOS icons, Aperture shortcuts, and an OmniFocus tip

iOS App icons compared

There's a site, called After iOS 7 icons, that shows how app icons changed from iOS 6 to iOS 7 to follow the new, flattened look of Apple's latest mobile operating system.

Some changes are pretty dramatic. For example, those whose iOS 6 icons were big on 3D effects or highly skeuomorphic (man, I hate that word). However, the ones I found the most interesting are the ones that made subtle design changes and acheived a very differen look. Day One and Lift are good examples.

Aperture Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

The guys at Dashkards have a great cheat sheet with many, if not all, of Aperture's keyboard shortcuts. It's a great resource to have around. The more shortcuts you know, the faster you'll speed through your photographs. I printed it a long time ago and pinned it to the wall next to my desk. Get the Dashkards cheat sheet here.

A few options to manage OmniFocus Someday/Maybe tasks

Kourosh Dini, author of Creating Flow with OmniFocus, shared a few options to manage Someday/Maybe tasks in OmniFocus. If you've ever struggled with this (and I bet everyone that uses OmniFocus does), you should read his solutions.

I used something similar to his Solution 1 at one point. I had a task called Someday/Maybe that was always on hold so it didn't appear when I was in work mode. However, I ended up dumping so much stuff in there that it became noise that I never wanted to look at.

Today, I like to use OmniFocus and Evernote together for this. I keep loose ideas for projects in a note in Evernote and I have a task in OmniFocus to review it once a month with a link to it. It works well for me and keeps OmniFocus for only stuff that I do have to do.

Week 49: Aperture, OmniFocus and Writing

Apple Aperture and Nik Plugins.

There's weird bug that appears when sending photographs from Apple Aperture over to a Nik Collection plug-in for editing. When you come back to Aperture, the image is either stuck or invisible (you get only grey in the viewer). It seems this only happens on Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

I've tried repairing and rebuilding the Aperture Library but that didn't fix the issue. Only quitting and restarting Aperture solved the problem, which isn't really a solution.

A fellow photographer posted a workaround on Aperture Expert that, while not a fix, is much better than restarting.

Learn OmniFocus

Tim Stringer recently announced a new venture called Learn Omnifocus. He describes it as "a site dedicated to supporting people in living fulfilling, productive lives with some help from OmniFocus for Mac & iOS".

You can sign up now to be notified when the site officially launches. I've done it and can't wait to see what he has in store for us.

I've written about Tim before when I shared my takeouts from the OmniFocus Setup presentations. He spoke about how to setup your OmniFocus library based on the main areas of focus in your life. I still keep my library organised that way.

How to write something true

Yuvi Zalkow's latest video shows us step by step, exactly what you must do to write something true.