Week 7: VSCO Cam, Fujifilm X-T1, and iTunes Radio

VSCO Cam 3.0

VSCO released an upadate to VSCO Cam for iPhone, their awesome photography app, to version 3.0. The new version adds a few new features, amongst my favourite are:

  • Integration of VSCO Grid into the iOS app. You can now see other photographer's grids and follow them. Check out my VSCO Grid.
  • Tilt & Level alignment. They figured out a clever way to add a level-style function to the camera that helps you align your photographs both horizontally and vertically.
  • You can now order Presets alphabetically with one button. Finally!

There are other new features that you can read about in their blog. If you haven't purchased VSCO Cam, do it now. It's the best photography app I've used on the iPhone. I assume the Android version is just as good, but I've never used it.

If you have issues downloading the presets, here's how I solved it.

Fujifilm X-T1 Reviews

The reviews for Fujifilm's X-T1 are starting to appear. Here are a few I found worthwhile:

This camera is seriously tempting.

iTunes Radio available in Australia

A couple of days ago the icon for iTunes Radio appeared on my Apple TV. I've been playing with it since and so far I like it.

Back in September, I complained about the difference in the US and Australian press releases for iTunes Radio, where the Aussie one had a "in the US" in parenthesis after "Coming this fall". Well, it's finally here in Australia and I'm happy.

Here's the press release.

Week 52: Chicago (typeface), VSCO Cam presets, and Aperture tip

Apple's Chicago Typeface

Remember Chicago? The typeface used by Apple during the 80's and 90's as the main user interface font?


If you're feeling a bit of nostalgia, there's a fairly easy way to get it onto your brand new Mac and ready to roll under Mavericks. It involves downloading a copy of Apple's System 7 from the Apple website and doing a bit of fiddling with Disk Utility. There are step by step instructions over at Stack Exchange.

New presets for VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam, my favourite photography iPhone app, released a brand new set of presets. At first, I couldn't see them. If the same happens to you, I found that just pulling down to refresh will do the trick.

VSCO Cam was also chosen as the best photo editing app over at The Sweet Setup. It's a great article.

By the way, if you get a connection error when downloading a bundle in VSCO Cam, here's how I got around it.

Quick tip to speed up Aperture

This week I updated my last Aperture library to the latest version. While doing so, I revisited the Preferences and found an option in the Previews section that I don't remember seeing before. It says "Share XML with other applications" and you can set it to Always, When quitting Aperture, or Never.

Apple Aperture preferencesthis support Article that explains it.

Basically, in Aperture 3.5 the way previews are shared has changed. Now they're always available to Apple's apps (iMovie, Safari, Mail, etc.) but for third-party apps to see them you need to share this XML. However, the article states:

If you do not use Aperture media in any third-party applications, setting XML sharing to "Never" in existing libraries is best. This eliminates the need for Aperture to write periodically to an XML file which can cause a spinning wait cursor to appear as you work, or when you quit Aperture.

So set "Share XML with other applications" to "Never" for "better performance and faster quit times".

VSCO Cam for iPhone (and fix the download error)


Visual Supply Co. (VSCO) develop VSCO Cam, which has quickly become my favourite photography app for iPhone. I have it permanently on my homescreen and use it for 90% of photos I take with the iPhone now.

VSCO Cam replaced a previous app by the same company called VSCOCam (yep, without the space), which I onwned and really liked. When I say replaced, I mean exaclty that. The previous version is no longer available or supported.

While the previous one was a paid app (from memory it was US$.99), the new one is free with in-app purchases. If you own the old one and have it installed, you get a bunch of paid filters for free when you download the new one. This is a nice touch from VSCO.

But the new filters are even better than the old ones. I purchased the full pack of filters and I'll be spending some quality time with them. So far, I really like it.

One thing I noticed when I bought the filter pack is that it kept giving me an error in the middle of the download. The error message said only "There was a connection error" and all I could do was start the download again. I tried multiple times and always got the same error.

Frustrated, I tried again and watched the phone through the download instead of just letting it do it's thing. That's when I realised the download took so long that the screen went dark and the iPhone locked.

If you purchase the full filter pack, it's about 108MB and I assume the app can't download in the background.


So, to fix the VSCO Cam download error issue, just go to the Settings app, then General > Auto-Lock and set it to Never. Then start the download again. It'll take a while, but it'll finish fine.

Once it finishes, remember to go back and set the Auto-Lock to whatever you had before.