Introducing Bito - A free (unfinished) typeface


After being worked on, abandoned, worked on, abandoned, and worked on again many times over the last 15 or so years, I'm finally putting it out there.

Bito is a typeface I designed when I was studying in university that I never got around to finishing. Over the last few months I've put some time aside to finsh the lowercase glyphs and a few punctuation marks, and turn it into a font you can download and use for free.

The full story and download links are in the Bito Typeface page.

I have to thank Ryan, a former colleage, for encouraging me to work on and release Bito. It's been a fun project and I will continue to work on it as time permits. Next step is to finish the uppercase glyphs and missing punctuation marks. For example, the @ sign wasn't that important back then, but it sure is now.

Keen-eyed readers would have noticed that a few weeks ago I changed the logotype of Disturbances in the Wash to use Bito. I'm very happy to be using a typeface that I designed myself.

I encourage you to go read the story and download Bito. Let me know what you think.