My OmniFocus Theme

After I wrote about how I plan a project in OmniFocus using SCUBA diving as an example, reader @ilhankudeki asked me about the OmniFocus theme I was using in the screenshots. I thought I'd share it here.

The theme is the result of me fiddling with the settings in OmniFocus. When I'm tired, I tend to procrastinate by poking around the settings in my favourite apps instead of doing work. OmniFocus, unfortunately (for me), has way too many options for customising the look.

After more changes than I care to admit, I settled on my current theme. You can download my OmniFocus Theme here. Just right-click and Save As.. to get the file. It's called DisturbancesInTheWash.ofocus-theme.

A few details on the theme:

  1. The icons are from the Stylistica set by Dryicons. It's a beautiful set that I've used many times. It's available with a free license as well as a commercial one.

  2. The theme uses 3 fonts:

Settled on Manifest for

UPDATE (7 Sep 2011): After much internal debate, I decided to move this website over to (where you're probably reading it now) instead of keeping it under Although I still think Manifest is one of the best Wordpress themes, I ended up also moving away from Wordpress for this blog, so I'm no longer using it. I'm leaving this post as it was for reference. And I still recommend Manifest.

I've been fiddling with different Wordpress themes for this site for a few weeks now. I wanted a very simple, clean design that got out of the way and let the reader focus on the content. I just don't want any ads, widgets, headers, or other distractions that don't add any value. But since the site is new, I'm not really sure what I want it to look like either.

I know what I don't want, but not what I do want.

I'll eventually hire a web designer to design a unique site, but to start off I just wanted something quick and easy. But with no distractions. And using nice typography.

Let me tell you that's not easy. I installed 12 different themes and non of them really convinced me. Until I found Manifest by Jim Barraud. I really like this theme. It's like reading a book. Simple, clean, beautiful. And free. Although I will make a donation to the developer. Totally worth it.

The only change I did was to remove the comments functionality as I believe comments just become distractions. They're also abused by trolls and spammers and take up too much time that I'd rather spend writing. I do welcome a good discussion, but in my experience comments just don't work for that. That's why I also removed them from my photography website. Happy to engage in dialogue through Twitter.