The science of stage fright | TED-Ed

I've always believed that most people experience stage fright to some extent when speaking in public. Some manage it well and may even feed on it, while others suffer sweaty palms and racing hearts.

This video by Mikael Cho explains what stage fright is and suggests that if you understand it you are more likely to overcome it.

It's interesting and beautifully animated. Source: Ted-Ed - The science of stage fright (and how to overcome it).

How to delete saved talks from the TED iPad app

The TED Conferences iPad app is a great way to watch TED Talks. The app is well built with a good user interface that is, for the most part, intuitive.

When you open up the app you get a list of the recently posted videos to browse through. If you want to watch a random talk, you can tap on the 'Inspire Me' button and choose from videos tagged as courageous, funny, inspiring, informative, etc. that are a given length. I love this feature. You can also browse by themes or search for a specific talk by speaker or title. Overall, it's my favourite way to watch TED talks.

One feature I use particularly often is saving talks to watch offline. My iPad is WiFi only, so I'd rather have a selection available wherever I may be.

At one point, I had saved so many talks that I had over 4GB worth of video downloaded to my iPad. It became a problem when I had about 10 apps with updates and tapping the 'update all' button showed me an error message that I didn't have enough space to update.

To free up some space, I wanted to delete saved talks from my iPad that I had already watched. It should be a pretty straightforward thing to do, but it took me a while to figure out. This is where the "for the most part" comment above comes from. In hindsight it is fairly logical, but I spent way too much time swiping, tapping, and generally getting frustrated trying to find out how to delete them. And I've had so many friends ask me this question that I guess it's not as intuitive as it should be.

So how do you delete saved talks for the TED iPad app?

Just tap on 'My Talks' and hit the 'Edit' button in the upper left hand corner. The typical iOS 'X' will appear over each talk. Tap that and delete one at a time. The Edit button turns to 'Done' while in editing mode. Tap 'Done' to finish.

Rogert Ebert's "Remaking my voice" TED talk

I just finished watching Roger Ebert’s “Remaking my voice” TED talk. If you have an AppleTV, it’s available on the Podcasts section as well.

The talk is amazing. Rarely does a talk make me feel so strongly. I literally ended up in tears. And that doesn’t happen often.

Roger Ebert lost his voice (and most of his lower jaw), after several surgeries for cancer a few years ago. He now communicates through “Alex”, a computerised voice that comes standard on his MacBook. He’s working on a new computer generated voice that uses his own voice taken from previous recordings. Amazing.

He said:

We are born into a box of time and space. We use words and communication to reach out to others

And later:

I feel as if my blog, my email, Twitter and Facebook have given me a substitute for everyday conversation. They aren’t an improvement, but they’re the best I can do. They give me a way to speak

Emotional. Heart-wrenching. Inspirational.