Nutella sends a cease and desist letter to arguably their biggest fan

Cameron Scott writting for SocialTimes in an article titled Nutella Exemplifies How Not to Use Social Media:

Facing an online revolt, Ferrero, the company that makes Nutella, rescinded a cease-and-desist letter it had sent to the organizer of World Nutella Day, an online event to celebrate the delicious chocolate-hazelnut spread.

Seriously, what age do some marketers live in?

Twitter tracking you via their buttons and widgets

From an email I received from Twitter recently:

Here are some of the main changes to our Privacy Policy, with links for more information:

We've provided more details about the information we collect and how we use it to deliver our services and to improve Twitter. One example: our new tailored suggestions feature, which is based on your recent visits to websites that integrate Twitter buttons or widgets, is an experiment that we're beginning to roll out to some users in a number of countries.

That's despicable. I don't have any social media buttons on my site and I'm now happy I never put them in. I did consider it at one point, but just didn't have the time so left it. Definitely not putting them in now.

What I do use is the "Share Article" functionality built into Squarespace (affiliate link), which doesn't track anything. Hover over the link below this article for an example. It makes it easy to share without tracking you. In fact, the only tag on this site is for Google Analytics and I'm considering removing that as well as Squarespace provides nice analytics out of the box.

If you want to prevent Twitter and anybody else from tracking you and invading your privacy, use Ghostery.

"We're Going Digital" | Marketoonist

Marketoonist going digital Tom Fishburne in this post about going digital:

Should campaigns be media-driven or idea-driven?

Lately, it feels like the media tail is wagging the campaign dog. Many campaigns are built around a media platform, as if the media platform alone was the big idea.

It's a great question and one that frankly I'm amazed that marketers still ask themselves. Or worse, their agencies. I think Tom is spot on and I urge you to go read his post. The cartoon is just way too funny. I can see this happening in boardrooms all over the place.

Flash Sales Giant Gilt To Offer Special Discounts To Pinterest Pinners | TechCrunch

Leena Rao on TechCrunch:

Thanks to online pinboard Pinterest’s fast growth, many retail sites are placing “Pin It” buttons next to items for sale as a sharing mechanism. Flash sales giant Gilt is taking the whole Pinning trend to another level by allow users to access special deals on pinned items.

This is an interesting approach to advertising. They're basically giving their customers and fans an incentive, in potential savings, to advertise for them. Done well and in a large scale, these types of activities could bypass publishers and media agencies, which advertisers tend to spend the most with.