How to add borders in Aperture


Sometimes I like to add a border to my photographs when I export them for uploading to the web. Some people like to add a border to their images when they print. Either way, I hadn’t found an easy way to add a border without going to an image editing application like Photoshop.

Now that I’m using Apple’s Aperture for most of my workflow, I wanted to find a way to do this without having to leave the application.

Unfortunately this functionality isn’t available in Aperture as far as I know. So after some searching, I found a pretty cool export plugin called BorderFX that does just that. And it’s quite flexible in what you can do with the borders. And it’s free! Although the author asks for a donation if you find the plug-in useful.

Adding a border in Aperture with BorderFX

Adding a border in Aperture with BorderFX

BorderFX lets you:

  • Add borders to your images on export. You can even add strokes and drop shadows.
  • Add text from either your IPTC data (such as caption, copyright, EXIF info, version name, etc.) or free text.
  • Add a watermark. Similar to the way Aperture lets you do it.
  • Save border settings as presets.

I’m sure Apple will eventually build this functionality into Aperture, but until that happens this is a pretty cool plug-in that does what it promises very well. If you like to add borders to your photographs I suggest you download it and give it a try.

The image at the top of this post was exported using BorderFX.

UPDATE May 2010: BorderFX has just been updated to be compatible with Aperture 3 with 64-bit support. It's even better than it used to be. Definitely recommended.

UPDATE 2019: BorderFX, like Aperture, is dead.