Michelle Majuru from Zimbabwe for People of the Globe

Michelle Majuru from Zimbabwe for People of the Globe

Michelle Majuru from Zimbabwe for People of the Globe

Michelle is originally from Zimbabwe, but has been living in Sydney, Australia for several years. I had the chance to make these portraits of her for People of the Globe back in September of 2012 and I'm very happy with the results.

We met in an area called The Rocks in the centre of Sydney to do these photographs. It was around 7:30pm when we started and already dark, so all photos were done with a flash to get some light.

Every time I photograph someone for this project I realise how little I know about other cultures and countries. I love travelling and have been to quite a few places, but I've never been to Africa. It's high on my list and hopefully I'll make it there sometime soon.

Zimbabwe is one of those places that I knew almost nothing about. Since we did this series I've read up a lot about it and, like every other place, it has a fascinating history and beautiful scenery. Just do a Google search for images of Zimbabwe and you'll be amazed.

That's one of the best parts of doing a photography project like People of the Globe. I get to know people from all over and learn about their culture and the history of their countries.

Roberta Burksaite from Lithuania for People of the Globe

Roberta Burksaite from Lithuania for  People of the Globe

Roberta Burksaite from Lithuania for People of the Globe

Recently I had the chance to photograph Roberta Burksaite for the People of the Globe project. She's originally from Lithuania and is currently living in Sydney.

I've always found it fascinating that I can find people from all around the world in this city. The cultural diversity is both astounding and refreshing at the same time. Every time I meet someone from a country I've never been to I get the urge to read about it and learn a bit more.

Lithuania, from the little I know about it, sounds like a captivating place. Just a quick Google images search for lithuania scenery, for example, reveals a beautiful and charming country. And if Roberta is anyting to go by, the Lithuanian people must be equally charming.

She was a pleasure to shoot with and it's pretty much impossible to take a bad photo of her.

People of the Globe - Aperture Book Test

Apple Aperture Book

A very cool feature of Apple's Aperture is it's ability to create and order books right from within the application. You can easily design beautiful books and get them delivered to your home in multiple sizes in both hardcover and softcover.

Over the years, I've designed and ordered many and have always been very pleased with the results. However, I've always done medium and big books and had never ordered the small size. It just seemed way too small at only 8.9 x 6.7cm.


I'd always been intrigued though, so a few weeks ago I pulled the trigger and ordered a small Aperture book with photographs from the People of the Globe project.

It arrived a few days ago. My first impression was *wow, that is small*, but having flipped through it and shown it around to friends, I really like it. The quality is good. The paper is relatively thick and the photos look good. They're all black and white and they came out fairly neutral. It's not perfect, but it's good for a small pass around book.

I love that I can take it with me everywhere and show it around. When I meet people interested in being part of the project, it's nice to show them what it's all about. I've found it always gets them more excited to participate when they can hold the photographs in their hands.