Week 51: Obsolescence, Nik updates, and visualising the future

The Alphabet of the Obsolete

John Atkinson published a new cartoon titled The Alphabet of the Obsolete. It's awesome. Each letter of the alphabet depicts an object that has gone (or likely will go) obsolete. A is for Antenna; L is for Landline; M is for Map; Y is for Yellow Pages; and the one that pains me the most, F is for Film. Go check it out.

Nik Plugins updated to solve bug in Aperture

A few weeks ago I mentioned a bug in the Nik plugins that affected round-tripping from Aperture. Basically, after editing a photograph with a Nik plugin and coming back to Aperture, the image was invisible. I shared a workaround then, but Nik has updated the plugins to solve this issue, amongst other things.

The update seems to have been pushed automatically without any user intervention. I should've expected that from Google, I guess. Anyway, it seems to be running well now.

I want

Dustin Curtis wrote a list of things he wants.

The best way to predict the future is to think about desire. The problem with desire is that it tends to be bounded by what’s actually possible; as we grow older, our imaginations seem to develop artificial caps that limit our ideas to things that are reasonably achievable in the short term. But who cares about what is reasonable? Here’s what I want.

I love his list. Go check it out and spend some time writing your own. I bet you'll be surprised with what you come up with. I was.

Week 49: Aperture, OmniFocus and Writing

Apple Aperture and Nik Plugins.

There's weird bug that appears when sending photographs from Apple Aperture over to a Nik Collection plug-in for editing. When you come back to Aperture, the image is either stuck or invisible (you get only grey in the viewer). It seems this only happens on Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

I've tried repairing and rebuilding the Aperture Library but that didn't fix the issue. Only quitting and restarting Aperture solved the problem, which isn't really a solution.

A fellow photographer posted a workaround on Aperture Expert that, while not a fix, is much better than restarting.

Learn OmniFocus

Tim Stringer recently announced a new venture called Learn Omnifocus. He describes it as "a site dedicated to supporting people in living fulfilling, productive lives with some help from OmniFocus for Mac & iOS".

You can sign up now to be notified when the site officially launches. I've done it and can't wait to see what he has in store for us.

I've written about Tim before when I shared my takeouts from the OmniFocus Setup presentations. He spoke about how to setup your OmniFocus library based on the main areas of focus in your life. I still keep my library organised that way.

How to write something true

Yuvi Zalkow's latest video shows us step by step, exactly what you must do to write something true.