Snapback Slim Wallet 2.0

Snapback Slim Wallet 2.0 next to iPhone

Last year I wrote a review of the Snapback Slim Wallet. It’s a minimalist wallet made from an elastic band with a strap attached to its side that wraps around it. I ended my review by mentioning it had become my daily wallet and I even went as far as saying I loved it.

Ten or so months later, the Snapback Slim is still my daily wallet and I still feel the same way about it.

But Nick, the designer, decided he could do better. He’s running another Kickstarter campaign for a new and improved version.

Enter the Snapback Slim Wallet 2.0.

Note: Nick was kind enough to send me an early prototype of the new wallet to check out, but unfortunately it’s stuck in postal hell. I should’ve received it weeks ago and the tracking info says it arrived in Australia early last week but I still don’t have it. I wanted to wait until I could see it and touch it before writing about it, but I don’t want to postpone it any longer.

The Snapback Slim Wallet 2.0 improves on the original by using better materials, improved stitching, and it now comes in all black. Additionally, the strap now has a new slash logo that looks pretty slick.

As I said in my review of the original, it’s small, comfortable, and fits plenty of cards (I currently carry 6) and some cash.

If you’re interested in getting rid of your ugly, bulky wallet you’ll like this one.

You can back the Snapback Slim Wallet 2.0 for only US$20.