Is Your Job Killing You? | Infographic

Interesting infographic on work related stress.

Amongst the 10 most stressful jobs are commercial pilot, senior corporate executive, photojournalist, emergency medical technician, and… advertising account executive?

So, a commercial pilot screws up and people die. A senior corporate executive screws up and potentially thousands of people could loose their jobs. An photojournalist not only is in harms way as part of the job, but regularly is confronted with the worst of humanity. I can't see even the biggest screw up an account executive at an ad agency can do to compare. Anyway, interesting infographic.

The rise and fall of advertising media | Infographic

The Rise and Fall of Advertising Media
Infographic presented by 2D barcode service Microsoft Tag.

Advertising certainly is changing. Fast. Actually, way too fast for many businesses to cope with. Especially those that have been successful doing things a particular way.

Advertising agencies need to quickly adapt and evolve their knowledge and services to include what some still call "new media". The fact that they still call the Internet "new media" is telling. I'd suggest that any agency that used the words "new media", even if it's as part of their services, is one to run away from.

Similarly, clients need to keep up with change and know where their customers are. The days of reaching 80% of the population with a singleminded TV campaign have been over for a while now. I see so much money wasted by businesses still doing what they've always done that it pains me.

I believe it's our responsibility, as agencies, to educate our clients. We're the ones seeing the change first hand. We can see first what works and what doesn't. Hell, we see our own behaviours and those of our peers and immediately can see the change. It's obvious. It's innevitable.

Online Schools | State of the Internet 2011

Interesting interactive infographic by Online Schools called State of the Internet 2011. They explain it as:

Online Schools is passionate about education. Enabling our passion, is the growth and omnipresence of the Internet, and we wanted to pay tribute with an infographic that really shows how its changing our lives.

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