The Insanely Great History of Apple Poster

Pop Chart Lab has a very cool poster titled The Insanely Great History of Apple. It's 27" x 39" and sells for US$36:

All new for 2013: the world's most comprehensive mapping of Apple products. This print shows every computer, handheld, peripheral device, software, and operating system released by Apple in the last thirty years, from the original Mac through the MacBook Air. Over 500 products are sorted according to type, including the connections between various form factors which have arisen as Apple has invented--and reinvented--insanely great products.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any shipping information to Australia.

Is the typewriter really dead?


Joining other discarded technologies of late, including the Flip video camera, Kodachrome, and the humble floppy disk is the typewriter, which will no longer be produced anywhere in the world.

I haven't used a typewriter in over 20 years but somehow I feel a little sad about this. Maybe it's because I enjoy writing so much and have always liked the idea of the stressed out writer locked up for weeks alone in a crappy motel room with his old typewriter and a bottle of cheap whiskey writing a masterpiece. I guess masterpieces these days are written on a MacBook Air by someone sitting at a Starbucks sipping on a decaf soy frappuccino. Times change.