Week 2: Album covers, Terry Gilliam, and Gate's books of 2013

Chase Jarvis on shooting award winning album cover art

Chase Jarvis interviewed Mario Andreoni on how a musician chooses cover art for their albums:

So I was flattered — and immediately on board — when Mario Andreoni of !!! (pronounced/also written Chk Chk Chk) asked if they could use the above image for their album cover, Thr!!!er.

It's a good interview and the answers are interesting. The cover is a great photograph, and Chase shares a link in there with some goodies.

Terry Gilliam interview from 1970

This week I came across the interview above. I'm a fan of Terry Gilliam's films (Brazil, 12 Monkeys, The Brothers Grimm, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, etc.), so I really enjoyed watching this video where he explains his process to create a short film he did back in the 70's.

Books Bill Gates read in 2013

Bill Gates shares the books he read in 2013. I like how he introduces the list:

Each of the books on the list below taught me something I didn’t know. How shipping containers helped cut the cost of moving goods between Asia and North America by roughly half. How refined tools for measurement laid the groundwork for the invention of the steam engine. How we’re dangerously overfishing cod, tuna, and other species.

More generally, these books tell amazing stories of human ingenuity. It is this ingenuity that helps explain why the world keeps getting better, and why at the end of each year I look forward to the next one with hope and optimism

It's always interesting to see which books people choose to read.