FlixelPix eBook bundle offer for June


I've mentioned these eBooks by David Cleland from FlixelPix before. I bought them a few months ago and I enjoyed them both. In particular, I learned a lot from the Long Exposure one. I even purchased a 10 stop ND filter and have been experimenting with long exposure photography. It's awesome.

David is offering a bundle with both eBooks for just $8.

They're normally $6 each and $10 for the bundle, so this is a good deal. But it's only valid for June, so get them now. They're worth it.

To claim the discount just enter the discount code JUNE and 'update cart'.

20% off FlixelPix photography ebooks until 15 February

I've always loved books about photography and I have a special fascination for ebooks written and published by the photographers themselves.

Two ebooks I've bought and really enjoyed are The Long Exposure and Shooting Shallow by David Cleland from FlixelPix.

Shooting Shallow is "is a guide to understanding the concept of depth of field". It covers the theory behing depth-of-field, camera and lens consideration, and practical application to getting sharp images with beautiful bokeh.

The Long Exposure is a introduction to the process of creating long exposure photography. David is a master at this (check out his work) and in this ebook he explains the steps he takes to acheive his results. The ebook covers everything from the equipment required to post-processing. It focuses on Lightroom, but the principals can be applied to any software. This book made me buy a 10 stop neutral density filter and get into long exposure photography.

The ebooks are only $6 each and $10 if you buy them as a bundle.

However, to celebrate Valentines Day you can get a further 20% off the bundle if you buy it before 15th February and use the code "valentines" at checkout.

Get the FlixelPix Bundle including Shooting Shallow and The Long Exposure for only $8 for the next few days.

Both ebooks are beautifully made with great information. I recommend them both to anyone interested in the topics covered.