"We're Going Digital" | Marketoonist

Marketoonist going digital Tom Fishburne in this post about going digital:

Should campaigns be media-driven or idea-driven?

Lately, it feels like the media tail is wagging the campaign dog. Many campaigns are built around a media platform, as if the media platform alone was the big idea.

It's a great question and one that frankly I'm amazed that marketers still ask themselves. Or worse, their agencies. I think Tom is spot on and I urge you to go read his post. The cartoon is just way too funny. I can see this happening in boardrooms all over the place.

The Oatmeal on trying to watch Game of Thrones

This comic strip from the The Oatmeal titled I tried to watch Game of Thrones and this is what happened is brilliant.

Talk about encouraging piracy!

The media companies really don't get it. I've mentioned before how dumb they can be sometimes by restricting access to content people want and are willing to pay for with the hopes of maintaining the business model they know.

It won't work. It hasn't worked for the music industry, it clearly hasn't worked for the newspaper industry, and I'd be willing to bet it won't work for TV either. The Internet just changes everything.

Seth Godin explained it in an article titled ubiquity.