Letter from David Ogilvy to his nephew

From Letters of Note:

In 1984, iconic advertising executive and real-life Mad Man David Ogilvy received a letter from his 18-year-old great nephew, Harry. Having just finished school, Harry was now faced with the common dilemma of whether to go to university or jump straight into full-time work, and so asked his highly respected relative for some wisdom on the matter. Ogilvy responded with the following multiple choice letter of advice.

Click through to read the letter. It's brilliant.

Client Relationships and the Multi-Device Web | A List Apart

Matt Griffin in a great article at A List Apart titled Client Relationships and the Multi-Device Web that opens with this line: "When you step into the room with a client, you are a visitor from the future" and then goes on to state:

The web is fluid and mercurial. Our processes for working with it—and our clients—need to reflect that. It’s time for us to shed the vestigial mindsets we’ve inherited from the advertising world—the closed communications and drama of the “big reveal”—and build new systems based on honesty, inclusion, and genuine communication. We can bring our clients into the process right away, letting them see all the flaws and bumps along the way. Through this relationship they will become true partners—rather than confused, anxious bystanders—as we learn to better navigate this strange, evolving digital universe together.

If you work in digital marketing and talk to clients often, this article is a must read.

Nutella sends a cease and desist letter to arguably their biggest fan

Cameron Scott writting for SocialTimes in an article titled Nutella Exemplifies How Not to Use Social Media:

Facing an online revolt, Ferrero, the company that makes Nutella, rescinded a cease-and-desist letter it had sent to the organizer of World Nutella Day, an online event to celebrate the delicious chocolate-hazelnut spread.

Seriously, what age do some marketers live in?

Next Gen Ad Creatives Impress With Big Ideas At AKQA's Future Lions Event | Co.Create

Rae Ann Fera at Co.Create:

No longer confined to creating advertising ideas, the next wave of creative minds have their sights sets far beyond simple communications, to broad-based solutions that bring together technology, marketing and behavior in innovative ways. This more holistic approach was very much in evidence among the winners of this year’s Future Lions awards.

Click through to have a look at the winning ideas from Future Lions 2012. Awesome.

Social and mobile go for gold at London 2012 Olympic Games | Marketing magazine

Simon van Wyk:

That’s not to say that TV isn’t playing an important role, but you can see a dynamic shift in the whole raison d’être of a TV ad. No longer about simply building brand recall and awareness, TV ads are beginning to be put to use as teasers or trailers for the main event which is now deep digital experiences and engagement.

It's encouraging to see advertisers embracing the power of digital marketing. It'll be fun watching what happens with all the excitement that the Olympic Games generate and the marketing opportunities it presents. Pay attention not only to what the official sponsors do, but what other brands do around the games. Think the Solo Lucky Undies campaign during the FIFA World Cup.

Disclaimer: Simon is one of the founders of HotHouse, the company I work for.