Reeder 2 is live!

Reeder 2 app for iPhone and iPad

Today is a good day. Reeder, my favourite RSS reader has been updated and is now available in the App Store as a brand new app called, appropriatly, Reeder 2. This time around, it's a universal app that looks beautiful in both the iPhone and the iPad.

Back in June when Google shut down Google Reader, I wrote about my temporary RSS setup and lamented that I had to stop using Reeder. Fortunately, a few weeks after that, sync with Text Wrangler as added to Reeder for iPhone and I switched back.

After almost 2 months, I missed the IFTTT integration that I had with Google Reader and switched to Feedly as the RSS sync service, and continued to use Reeder for iPhone (I actually had both Feedly and Feed Wrangler syncing with Reeder).

But I still missed Reeder for iPad.

I never deleted the app from my iPad and actually stopped reading RSS on the iPad altogether. That's how much I liked Reeder. All my RSS reading since has been on the iPhone using Reeder for iPhone.

Today, thanks to Reeder 2, I'm happily back to having one of my favourite apps on both devices again.

And before you start whinging that it's a new app and not a free update to a $4 (or whatever it cost) app you bought 2 years ago, stop. Don't be a dick and pay for good software. Especially if you use it every day. I've already heard a few complaints and read a few people moaining in Twitter.

I purchased Reeder for iPad in October 2010 and Reeder for iPhone before that (I can't find the receipt for that one). I'm pretty sure I paid less than $10 for both back then. I think I've gotten pretty good value out of my 10 bucks over the last 3 years.

I can't believe I'm trying to rationalise this for the whingers.

Anyway, Reeder 2 is out and that makes me happy. Federico Viticci at Macstories has a great review up already. Go check Reeder 2 out now and support the developers that build the software you love.