OmniFocus 2 Released!

OmniFocus 2 is now available!

I’ve been beta testing it over the last few months and I’m excited to be using the official release. Up until now, I was running both OmniFocus 1 with my real data, and OmniFocus 2 Beta with what started as dummy data. But as time went by, I started to put real projects and actions into the beta version because I liked it so much more. I now have a bit of a situation on my hands as I consolidate everything into the brand new OmniFocus 2.

I’m taking this as an opportunity to do some long overdue house cleaning of my database. Instead of migrating my data, I’m thoroughly reviewing every single project and bringing into OmniFocus 2 only those that are still relevant and I intend to work on this year.

I found I had a lot of projects on hold that I no longer care about or aren’t that important anymore. That’s part of the beauty of OmniFocus. You can easily get things out of your way without deleting them. I’m enjoying this clean up and it’s giving me a chance to dive deep into OmniFocus 2.

Once I’m fully up and running and I’ve used OmniFocus 2 enough on a daily basis I’ll write my thoughts.

In the meantime, there are several places to find more information and learn a great deal about it. Start by checking out all the info on the official OmniFocus pages at the OmniGroup. They also launched a great resource called Inside OmniFocus that showcases different workflows from OmniFocus users.

And finally, there are a few reviews already out there:

I’m excited about OmniFocus 2. More to come soon.