More links to the Apple Aperture 4 book rumoured for July 4

A few weeks ago I wrote about an Aperture 4 book that was available for pre-order at Barnes & Noble. It's still there and it still says it'll be available on July 4, 2012. I'm trying not to get too excited about a possible update in 2 months, but I do feel it's time.

To feed the rumours even more, a few readers emailed me additional links to the same book in different online stores. The full title of the book seems to be "Apple Aperture 4, Unleashing Your Photo Workflow" and it has a valid ISBN number (9781133788904). Although in some stores it's called "Apple Aperture 4" and in others it's "Apple Aperture X".

It's pure speculation, but it's still fun. Here are the links: