macOS Mojave last to support Apple Aperture

Apple Aperture was discontinued about 4 years ago. Although there’s been no new development since, it has continued to work fine. That’ll change this year when Apple releases the next OS. Mojave (aka macOS 10.14) will be the last macOS version to support Aperture.

I wish I could say I’ve moved on and I’m in a happy place with my photography. The reality is that I’ve given most options a fair go and all of them suck compared to Aperture.

Apple has a support document explaining how to migrate your Aperture libraries to Photos or Adobe Lightroom Classic.

Photos has evolved a lot in the last few years and it’s pretty awesome. However, even if it was just as good as Aperture (it’s not), the thought of keeping both my personal photos (family, friends, work events, etc.) mixed in with my “photographer” photography makes my head hurt. I would go insane if I had to see hundreds of photos from a proper photo shoot, most of which are rejects that I don’t want to delete just yet and the few keepers are waiting editing, intermixed with my daughter’s school play. I can’t be alone in wanting, no, needing, to keep these 2 areas of my life separate.

Adobe Lightroom (Classic or not) is OK, but not great. There are so many ways in which Aperture was way superior. I do use it but I’ve always felt it’s just a stop gap until I find something better. I’ve increasingly moved to a mobile life and I do love editing photos on the iPad. Lightroom is the only app I’ve found that allows me a decent mobile workflow. If it wasn’t for the iPad I would probably ditch Lightroom altogether. Plus I still can’t get my head around that subscription model. I pay for it. It still pisses me off every month.

ON1 Photo RAW is pretty cool and it’s getting there. I also use it extensively. The DAM part isn’t there yet and it lacks any sort of mobile workflow. If it had, this would probably be my main choice.

I tried Capture One and it’s pretty good if you’re desktop only. It has a ton of great features and it’s not too far off Aperture from a DAM point of view. I tried it for a while but, like ON1, with no mobile workflow it just didn’t stick.

I still have Aperture on my Mac and jump in once in a while. I should’ve just deleted it and moved on years ago because every time I use it I feel a little bit sad. I still think Apple screwed up by abandoning Aperture.