iTunes Radio coming (in the US)

iTunes Radio press release in Australia

One of the features I was looking forward to with the release of iOS 7 was iTunes Radio. On launch day, I was too busy exploring the new OS, installing new apps (and deleting many) to get to the Music app, but that night I read a great article by Gabe Weatherhead from Macdrifter about it and it got me excited.

I opened up the Music app and... nothing. What the hell?. I went back to Gabe's article and compared his screenshots. Something was different with my Music app.

Of course, I went searching for an answer.

I quickly found myself in the Apple website reading the press release for iTunes Radio. One paragraph read "Coming this fall (in the US), iTunes Radio...". Hang on. What's this about "in the US"? I don't remember them saying anything about different availability at the WWDC keynote. I then noticed a .../au/... in the URL, meaning I was reading the Australian version (where I am).

I removed the /au/ and reloaded the page. This is what that same paragraph says in the US version of the press release:

iTunes Radio press release in US

In hindsight I guess it shouldn't have been unexpected. International rights to music are difficult and even the iTunes Store has different songs and prices between the US and Australian stores. But why didn't they mention in the keynote that it would only be available in the US?