Client Relationships and the Multi-Device Web | A List Apart

Matt Griffin in a great article at A List Apart titled Client Relationships and the Multi-Device Web that opens with this line: "When you step into the room with a client, you are a visitor from the future" and then goes on to state:

The web is fluid and mercurial. Our processes for working with it—and our clients—need to reflect that. It’s time for us to shed the vestigial mindsets we’ve inherited from the advertising world—the closed communications and drama of the “big reveal”—and build new systems based on honesty, inclusion, and genuine communication. We can bring our clients into the process right away, letting them see all the flaws and bumps along the way. Through this relationship they will become true partners—rather than confused, anxious bystanders—as we learn to better navigate this strange, evolving digital universe together.

If you work in digital marketing and talk to clients often, this article is a must read.