Apple Aperture 3.3 update from WWDC

Aperture did get an update, but it's not a major one and nothing on my wish list made it (that I can see so far). I guess Aperture 4 is still a while away.

Here are a few thoughts on what has been updated:

Optimized for Retina Display

OK, this is cool. But it's about the hardware, not really about Aperture.

Aperture and iPhoto Unified Library

This might be important depending on how you use Aperture and iPhoto, but for me it's pointless. I only use iPhoto to keep a few selects to sync with iOS devices and family albums to share, so separate libraries have never been a problem.

Advanced White Balance

I like this one. I've tried it on a few photographs and it seems to work well. Two of the new white balance modes, Skin Tone and Natural Grey, are particularly interesting. However, what's really great is that now you can selectively brush white balance in.

Improved Highlights and Shadows

Any improvement to the highlights & shadows tool is welcome. This is one of those semi-hidden gems in Aperture that many photographers skip.

Professional Auto Enhance

I'm always skeptical of auto-anything buttons, so we'll see how this works out. Apple says that "even the most demanding photographers are impressed by Professional Auto Enhance".

Fast Browsing

Faster is always better.

Those are the main new features, but there seem to be a few other changes that weren't mentioned in the keynote. The toolbar is now monochrome, they changed "master" to "original" and the metadata tab is now called "info". A couple of other features I like are AVCHD support and that you can now duplicate a project structure properly instead of having an empty project as a template.

Aperture 3.3 is a welcome upgrade with a few interesting features and changes, but I'll still be looking forward to Aperture 4.