Aperture and Fujifilm x100s RAW files - Follow up on pink rendering issue

A few weeks ago I wrote about how Aperture was rendering pinks from the raw Fujifilm x100s files in a weird way. I mentioned it looked overly saturated. I asked Rob Boyer about it and he wrote an article explaining how to fix it. I've been testing Rob's suggestion and while it does help, I still can't get it to look natural.

Apple Aperture and Fujifilm x100s pink rendering problem

In the image above you can see four versions of the same image (click to see at 100%):

  1. Upper-left is the RAW file as interpreted by Aperture
  2. Upper-right is the RAW file with the Colour adjustment as suggested by Rob.
  3. Lower-left is the RAW file with Rob's suggestion, plus additional adjustments (lowered black point, increased exposure, reduced vibrancy, increased saturation, and s-curve).
  4. Lower-right is the JPEG as rendered by the Fujifilm x100s.

As you can see, the JPEG and all RAW versions are very different. I prefer the JPEG as it's closer to reality and the pink doesn't look as psychedelic. As much as I try, I just can't get a better result in Aperture from the RAW file. The colours in the piñata shift drastically with any change, but even just looking at the pink without worrying about the others, I found it impossible to get it close to the JPEG.

The photograph was shot with an aperture of 2.8 with the focus point on my daughter's eye. The background and foreground are out of focus, and the piñata is quite soft. This makes it harder because there's no clear separation between the pinks.

Here are a few close ups of the photographs (again, click for 100%). They're in the same order as above:

RAW as interpreted by Aperture

Aperture and x100s pink problem: OOC raw

RAW with Rob's fix

Aperture and x100s pink problem: raw with hue

RAW with a bunch of adjustments

Aperture and x100s pink problem: raw with multiple adjustments

JPEG from Fujifilm x100s with no adjustments

Aperture and x100s pink problem: ooc jpeg

Notice the difference in the other colours, especially the red bit at the right. That last one, the out of camera jpeg, is the closest to the real thing. I'll continue to experiment.