The Second Test | Rands In Repose

This article by Michael Lopp of Rands in Repose is one of the most interesting and insightful things I've read in a while. This part in particular is spot on:

An unwatched successful business gets fat. The money pouring in means there’s far too much work, which means you go on a hiring spree. What was 15 folks rapidly becomes 50, and the experts start to show up. Experts are the folks who are allegedly really qualified to do a job. See, at 15 people everyone did a little bit of everything, but there is no time for that now because of the success. You think you need HR, Marketing, Sales, and Business Development.

Incorrect. What you need is people who get shit done.

Rands in Repose is one of the websites I subscribe to. I really enjoy the writing and the signal-to-noise ratio is definitely on the signal side.

Every 6 months or so I do a culling of my RSS feeds and Rands is one of the few sites that have always made the cut. Great stuff.