Scotty, I Need More Slideshows! | The Brooks Review

Ben Brooks commenting on an interesting article in Adweek about a secret meeting prominent journalists and high-profile Washington Post executives had about the situation newspapers are in today:

You know what’s going to be funny, and by funny I mean funny: when advertisers realize pageviews don’t mean shit and that big media has been over inflating them for years with stupid shit like slideshows. At least I will be laughing.

This is one of those things that really irk me. Going after page views at all costs is bad for everyone.

It's bad for journalists, as it encourages dumb, sensationalistic articles at the expense of good, in depth journalism (anybody can do that). It's damaging to the readers as it fosters crap content, not to mention it's incredibly annoying when publishers break articles into multiple pages or put up slideshows. It's bad for advertisers, because it verges on lying to them. And it's ultimately bad for the publishers, because if journalists aren't happy, readers aren't happy, and advertisers aren't happy, what do they have left?

Artificially inflating page views is just wrong.