Rough ride continues for iPad 3 amid ACCC case and complaints from users | Herald Sun

Nathan Mawby at the Herald Sun writing about how the new iPad's battery gets warmer than previous models:

The issue appears to have been resolved by leaving the iPad to drain its battery entirely and avoiding use in extreme temperatures or strong sunlight.

So, don't use it in strong sunlight. OK.

The article is clearly link bait (which worked since I'm linking to it), but it's just too funny not to pass on. For example, the article ends with this:

A drop test conducted by SquareTrade, a warranty provider in the US, has found the device suffered more damage, including a shattered screen that almost popped off its backing, when dropped from waist and shoulder height than its predecessor, the iPad 2.

I can't think of a sarcastic comment to this. It's just ridiculously funny on its own.