Disruptions to watch in 2012 | Denuology

Brad Eshbach writing about the disruptions to watch in 2012:

This is a time for connecting the dots. A time when teams are building tools that threaten decades old businesses and centuries old institutions. These digital tools of today are being bootstrapped in dorm rooms and conceived on whiteboards spread throughout the Valley and the Alley and the Loop. They are hustling to dismantle the business models of the past and fix problems that have been bugging our collective consciousness for far too long.

He gives examples of three industries that are ripe for disruption. I agree.

I would add advertising and media to the list of obvious industries ready for serious disruption. Although in this case, the disruption started a while ago and has been building momentum. It's not a 2012 thing. It's the big players, as usual, that are threatened by this change and are either trying to stop it or worse, ignoring it.

I think Walt Disney said it best.