'Action needed' to meet UK's cookie tracking deadline | BBC

The BBC explaining the new cookie laws about to take effect in the UK that essentially it will require all UK sites to:

  • Tell people that the site contains cookies
  • Explain what the cookies are doing
  • Obtain visitors' consent to store a cookie on their device

A live example can be found in the ICO website. It's an interesting approach to privacy concerns and at least it's trying to educate the wider audience as to what's going on without them knowing about it. But I don't think most people will understand this or even want to take the time to understand it. It's just way too geeky for most.

Other interesting bits from the BBC article:

There are on average 14 tracking tools per webpage on the UK's most popular sites, according to a study.

and then

The firm said that 68% of the trackers analysed belonged to third-parties, usually advertisers, rather than the site's owner.

If you use a plugin or browser extension to prevent or block cookies, you'll notice just how many tags are on some sites. They're not always bad though. When advertisers use them to serve more targeted ads, they do serve a purpose. The advertisers gets a better chance of being relevant and the customer gets to see only ads that might be of interest. However, it's when advertisers know too much about you and use this information the wrong way that I see an issue.