Recapping the Merits (and Weirdness) of SXSW | DDB

James Quinlan, a friend and Senior Strategic Planner at DDB Sydney, writing about his experience in SXSW (South By Southwest):

I said at the beginning of this post that I wasn't quite sure why I came here. However after attending SXSW for my first time, what I now know for sure is that the reason we need to come here is precisely because it isn't an advertising conference. Being far outnumbered by those in the entertainment industries, tech startups and fans of music and film is a great reminder of what a small part we play in the world. Spending time with people from different industries affords us the opportunity to learn a lot. Although we talk endlessly about moving beyond the 30 second TV spot to become content creators, those in the music and film industries have been doing it for a very long time - and they've figured out how to create something sufficiently compelling that they can charge people money to access, instead of paying media outlets vast sums to run it.