On using multiple task management apps

Ben Brooks reviewed Clear, a new task management/to do app from Realmac Software. The app looks interesting and the review is, as usual, very thorough, opinionated and with a personal touch. I very much enjoy Ben's reviews.

One thing I found interesting in his review is what Ben is using Clear for. He uses OmniFocus as his main task management application (as do I), but now keeps certain lists in Clear because it's much faster to enter new things into Clear.

I agree completely and since Reminders came out I've been using it for a very similar set of lists that I used to keep in OmniFocus.

Most of these lists don't need start or due dates, aren't really part of a project, and the context can easily be the name of the list itself.

In Reminders I keep:

  • Stuff to Buy (Online): This is a list of things I want to buy online. Anything from places like the Mac App Store, Amazon, or anything else really. Today I bought a glif and ticked it off this list.
  • Stuff to Buy (Offline): Anything I have to physically go to a store to purchase.
  • Blog post ideas: Quick entries for posts I may want to write.
  • Random Stuff: Things I want to remember but don't need to action. I review every few days/weeks and delete what doesn't interest me anymore.

One list that Ben uses is "To OmniFocus", where as he explains:

is pretty simple, but why not just input into OmniFocus? Clear is faster, so if I am in a meeting and want to input a lot of things fast, Clear is going to be a better option. I also can’t get distracted by adding due dates and contexts and creating projects. I can do that later on my iPad, for now let’s just get the tasks down.

I hadn't thought of that, but it's a great idea. I sometimes write tasks down in a piece of paper because putting a single isolated entry into OmniFocus is slow. This is a much better solution. I think I'll poach his idea and create a "To OmniFocus" list in Reminders for this purpose.