iA Writer for Mac update

Last week iA Writer for Mac got an update that addressed the 2 main issues I had with this great text editor:

  1. Font size was fixed, so it looked too big on some screens and too small on others.
  2. It didn't have an HTML preview for when I was writing in Markdown.

The second point is a very welcome new feature. However, it's the first one that's really interesting because they managed to solve the problem without having to add a preferences pane. In fact, you can't really set a font size as you'd expect.

Here's how Oliver Reichenstein explains their solution:

Inspired by our deep experience designing for the web, we’ve given Writer for Mac a responsive design, changing the font size based on window width. This maintains the text’s typographic proportions, zooming in and out without reflowing the text. I don’t know why it took us so long to find this obvious solution. However, given that no one else has done it, the simplicity of this solution is perhaps not as obvious as it seems in hindsight.

This is a very clever and out-of-the-box solution. It works well and keeps iA Writer for Mac as simple as always. I really like the lack of preferences. It's always been a huge distraction for me and an easy way to procrastinate while feeling busy.

I've been using iA Writer on all my devices exclusively for the past week and it's awesome. The only other issue I had was that it couldn't copy the rendered HTML to the clipboard. I'm not sure if this is a new feature in this version or it's always been there and I just missed it, but it's there