The name of the blog

Surat Lozowick wrote an article about the implications of naming your blog after your own name or calling it something unique. He writes:

Increasingly, people are writing and curating on self-titled blogs, often in the place of a static landing page on a personal domain. Online, your name is your brand, so this makes sense. But a blog named after its author doesn’t say anything about subject matter, which can be both negative and positive — a thoughtful name can define the topics to cover, but it can also restrict them.

I’ve been wrestling with this idea myself even before I started this site.

At first I wanted to find a cool name for it, something like Daring Fireball or Tweetage Wasteland or Forkbombr, but nothing came to mind that convinced me.

Then I thought it might be better to find a simple name that described what the site was about, like Minimal Mac or Practically Efficient. But I wanted this site to be about my personal interests and not necessarily to have a narrow focus. I do, after all, have many different interests. So that didn’t convince me either.

All this while I kept writing and not publishing anywhere. I was waiting to find the right name.

I didn’t want to use my own name as I already have another website about my photography at and it just seemed too confusing. The photography site has been around for years and it’s my photographic hub. I love it and enjoy writing and sharing my photography there, but because it’s always been exclusively about photography I’ve always felt it’s not the right place to write about my other interests: technology, marketing, Apple, leadership, etc. So I wanted a new place, but didn’t know what to call it. Plus, my name is just too hard to spell.

But then I read a book by Seth Godin in which he basically recommended you stop waiting until whatever you’re doing is perfect and just ship it. It was inspiring enough that I thought what the hell, if this new site is going to be about my interests I guess it’s OK to name it after me. So I went with and started publishing my thoughts.

I have to admit I’m still not convinced it was a good move. There’s still a part of me that thinks I should find a cool name and move it across. Or maybe combine the .net and .com into one single site.

I’m still not sure what to do, but I just may move it to a new home one day.

via: Shawn Blanc