Writing is hard

About six weeks ago I bought a journaling application called Day One. I actually bought both the Mac OS X app and the iOS app, which is optimised for both iPhone and iPad. They're beautiful. And they sync via Dropbox.

I thought I'd use it to write random unedited thoughts. By keeping that type of writing separate from everything else I gave myself permission to use it as a brain dump. Sort of a Morning Pages type of exercise. Or so I planned.

Day One on the Mac has a little pop up reminder you can set to pop up at specified times. It keeps popping up and I keep snoozing it.

Writing is hard.

Today I spent several hours writing briefs for projects at work, but somehow I can't focus for 10 minutes to write something random in Day One.

Maybe I should rephrase.

Writing specific, rational things, like a brief, is easy. It's boring, but it's easy. Writing random things, like a pointless email or an irrelevant Facebook status update is easy. It's useless for the most part, but it's easy.

Writing good stuff is hard.

By good stuff I mean things that come from the heart. Emotional. Intelligent. Useful. Things I'm proud to say I wrote. Things, as Shawn Blanc would say, with mustard. Those are hard.