Pretty disappointed with Pixelmator's customer service

I bought Pixelmator 4 weeks ago and wrote about the ridiculous prices Apple has in the Australian Mac App Store, basically not respecting the exchange rate making prices about 25% higher.

In that article, I said I wished I could pay full price for Pixelmator instead of the discount price I had from an offer, but that I didn't want to pay more than full price just because of Apple's pricing system. So I didn't buy from the Mac App Store.

Sadly, just 4 weeks later, the Pixelmator guys announced the new version, which is a free upgrade only for those who bought on the Mac App Store. I emailed customer support and they basically said "tough luck, don't care". Not literally, of course. What they said is that, since Pixelmator 2 will only be sold through the Mac App Store, in order to get the new version I have 2 options:

  1. Buy the full version when it comes out at full price plus the 25% or so extra from Apple's international pricing.
  2. Buy the same version I already paid for a month ago at a "discount price" that's actually higher than what I paid four weeks ago so I can get the upgrade for free.

This sounds ridiculous. I've only started using Pixelmator and I'm already regretting having purchased it.

I'll write more on this soon. I just wanted to get it off my chest.