Scary stuff this iPhone tracking

I just ran the iOS update on my iPhone and iPad, but before I did it, I thought I'd download the iPhone Tracker application and see what the iPhone showed as my location history.

The fact that iOS devices have been tracking and storing location data has been all over the web. It's something that concerned me when I read about it, especially since Apple didn't say it was happening. However, I had too many things to worry about at the time so I ignored it for a while. Like the saying goes, bigger fish to fry.

Then Apple provided a relatively logical explanation, so I moved on.

But today curiosity got the best of me and I had a look. Scary stuff indeed. The data goes back to over a year and even though Apple says it's not my exact location it is pretty close.

Anyone that watched the video of the data could easily know where I've traveled to and when. Drilling closer into the city I live in, I can see my travel to and from work, and that weekend away in the coast. It's actually quite interesting to look at and amazing in a geeky way. But still. Scary, scary stuff.