Settled on Manifest for

UPDATE (7 Sep 2011): After much internal debate, I decided to move this website over to (where you're probably reading it now) instead of keeping it under Although I still think Manifest is one of the best Wordpress themes, I ended up also moving away from Wordpress for this blog, so I'm no longer using it. I'm leaving this post as it was for reference. And I still recommend Manifest.

I've been fiddling with different Wordpress themes for this site for a few weeks now. I wanted a very simple, clean design that got out of the way and let the reader focus on the content. I just don't want any ads, widgets, headers, or other distractions that don't add any value. But since the site is new, I'm not really sure what I want it to look like either.

I know what I don't want, but not what I do want.

I'll eventually hire a web designer to design a unique site, but to start off I just wanted something quick and easy. But with no distractions. And using nice typography.

Let me tell you that's not easy. I installed 12 different themes and non of them really convinced me. Until I found Manifest by Jim Barraud. I really like this theme. It's like reading a book. Simple, clean, beautiful. And free. Although I will make a donation to the developer. Totally worth it.

The only change I did was to remove the comments functionality as I believe comments just become distractions. They're also abused by trolls and spammers and take up too much time that I'd rather spend writing. I do welcome a good discussion, but in my experience comments just don't work for that. That's why I also removed them from my photography website. Happy to engage in dialogue through Twitter.