Writing apps with iCloud sync

Last week, the developers of iA Writer tweeted that iCloud sync was coming to both the iPad and the Mac apps.

That's great news and I'm sure it'll give them an advantage over competitors that either:

  1. Rely on Dropbox or other methods for syncing.
  2. Have only an iOS or a Mac application, but not both.

My current workflow for writing is iA Writer for iPad and Byword (my review here) on the Mac. I keep the files in sync using Dropbox.

While I really like both apps and the process works fine, I've always felt it's not as elegant and effortless as it could be. For some reason, it just slightly annoys me to have to tap on the sync button in iA Writer to force a manual sync. And to have to open the files in Byword instead of them just being there.

I'd love for them to just sync automatically without me having to do anything.

The combination of iA Writer for Mac and iPad syncing via iCloud might be exactly what I'm after. I would, however, like the ability to make the font in iA Writer for Mac a little bit smaller.

Conversely, I hope the developers of Byword develop an iOS app.

Either way, we're about to see a raft of very cool apps that take full advantage of iCloud sync.