Here's to Apple not killing the iPod classic

As always, the rumour mill is heating up as the next Apple event approaches. This time, one rumour that seems to be everywhere (here, here, here, here) is that Apple may discontinue the iPod shuffle and the iPod classic.

I'm not sure about the shuffle. It makes sense to me except for the price. At US$49 it's US$100 less than the nano, which is the next model up. The shuffle can almost be an impulse buy for many and a good choice to fill a christmas stocking. Unless Apple drops the price of the iPod nano I don't think they should discontinue the shuffle. But then, what do I know? There may be better reasons for them to do it.

The iPod classic on the other hand, makes almost perfect sense. It's old technology, can't run apps, and it uses a spinning hard drive. And it's 10 years old this month.

But the one thing it has going for it is the huge storage space. At 160GB it's almost 100GB more than the 64GB iPod touch for US$150 less.

For those of us who already have an iPhone, there's no need for the touch. In fact, there's very little need for an iPod unless you either need (or want) a huge hard drive, or like me, have a specific use for one.

A few months ago I wrote an article titled "Is the iPod classic not a good choice anymore?" in which I explained why I resurrected my iPod classic and now love it… again.