Apple's global pricing sucks… still

I've complained about this before and every now and again it just annoys me to the point that I have to vent. This is one of those times. Feel free to skip this post if you'd rather not read my rant.

In the previous post I linked to above, my rant was about the price of Pixelmator on the US versus Australian Mac App Stores. It was, at the time:

  • In the US Mac App Store: US$ 59.99
  • In the Australian Mac App Store: AU$ 74.99

This when the Australian dollar was almost on par with the US dollar. It was actually only just slightly stronger, so the price in Australian dollars should've been just under $59.99. This is a constant source of frustration for many Apple customers outside the US.

Today, I decided to buy David Sparks new book, iPad at Work.

I wasn't sure if I wanted the iBook version or the Kindle one, so I looked it up in both stores.

In iTunes it's listed for AU$24.99 (in the Australian store. That's $24.40 US dollars at today's exchange rate).

In Amazon it's listed for US$15.29.

I checked in the US iTunes store and it's selling for $16.99.

So, within the US, the price for iPad at Work in the iBookstore ($16.99) is only slightly more than in Amazon ($15.29). No dramas there. But why is it a third more if I buy in Australia? Who's pocketing the extra revenue?

I wonder if the same price discrepancy happens with the Newsstand app.

I guess I should just give up on the iBookstore and stick to Amazon for all my books.