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Apple Aperture was a photography application for Mac that let you manage a large image library, edit and adjust photographs, and export/showcase your work in several ways. It was awesome.

I used Aperture extensively since version 1 and I used to share information about how I use it for a many years. Unfortunately, that info is all over the place on the site, so I created this page for easier access.

Since Apple decided to kill Aperture in 2015, I've moved on. But I'll leave this content here for any die hard Aperture users out there.

Apple Aperture library organisation

Aperture Presets

Aperture Presets Black and White v1.0

A set of three Aperture presets designed for under exposed photograhs. They lighten, add contrast, and preserve the shadows as much as possible.

Black and White v1.0 ›

Aperture Presets Black and White v2.0

This set of three Aperture presets is designed for well exposed photographs, especially portraits. They add contrast and add a faded effect to shadows.

Black and White v2.0 ›

Apply grain that emulates Ilford HP5 Plus 400 black and white film to your photographs with this free effect for Aperture. No need for additional software!

Grain Effect ›


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