Aperture Presets: Black and White v2


Unlike the previous black and white presets, this second set is designed to work with a well exposed photograph as the original. It also includes three presets with slight variations.

These are the black and white presets I use the most for my own photographs. I apply them mostly to portraits as they particularly affect skin tones.

The first preset is aimed at giving you a baseline black and white look by increasing contrast and definition, adding a slight vignette, and using a predominantly green filter for the black and white conversion. I generally apply this one on import when I do a portrait shoot as it tends to produce a nice overall look that serves as a good starting point.

The second and third add a faded shadows effect. You can see what they look like in the examples in this page.

I recommend you apply them to your photograph and adjust to taste using the controls in the Exposure Brick first. You can modify the black and white tones a lot by altering Exposure, Recovery, Black Point, and Brightness only. Then you can fine tune from there.


The Aperture Free Black and White Presets v2.0:


- PRESET 1: CONTRAST - As the name suggests, this simple Aperture preset adds some contrast, a bit of definition, and a subtle double vignette.

- PRESET 2: BW SHADOWS 1 - Same as Preset 1, but creates a faded shadows effect.

- PRESET 3: BW SHADOWS 2 - Built from Preset 2, it enhances the faded effect in the mid tones. Additionally, it slightly darkens warm tones and affects skin sort of like using a light green filter. It works best for portraits.


These Aperture presets are completely free and you can download them by clicking on the button below. If you use them I'd appreciate your comments, good or bad! Send me a message and let me know.