Apple Aperture


Apple Aperture is a photography application for Mac that lets you manage a large image library, edit and adjust photographs, and export/showcase your work in several ways.

I've used Aperture extensively since version 1 and I've been sharing information about how I use it for a few years now. Unfortunately, that info is all over the place. I'm now consolidating everything on this site and this will be a launchpad to get to Aperture related content. Come back in a few weeks and I'll have it all organised.

For now, below you'll find links to my free Aperture Presets.

You'll also find a list of the latest articles related to Aperture.

Apple Aperture library organisation

Aperture Presets

Aperture Presets Black and White v1.0

A set of three Aperture presets designed for under exposed photograhs. They lighten, add contrast, and preserve the shadows as much as possible.

Black and White v1.0 ›

Aperture Presets Black and White v2.0

This set of three Aperture presets is designed for well exposed photographs, especially portraits. They add contrast and add a faded effect to shadows.

Black and White v2.0 ›

Apply grain that emulates Ilford HP5 Plus 400 black and white film to your photographs with this free effect for Aperture. No need for additional software!

Grain Effect ›


Aperture Articles